What is “Project 104”?

Now that 2010 is here, I thought it’d be interesting to keep record of my year through a photo blog. I’ve never maintained a blog, and I never truly saw myself keeping one. However, back in November of 2009 I picked up my first DSLR camera [Nikon D3000] to get back into photography, and I figured creating this site would keep me motivated to take photographs even when I’m busy with class or work.

Anyways, you might be asking yourself “What is Project 104 about?”. Well, in order to better your skills in photography, you must shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. Therefore, setting a goal for myself was a must.  I wanted to ensure that I’m taking photos on a weekly or better yet on daily basis to sharpen my skills. I decided that I need to take two interesting pictures a week from two separate shoots. (2 pictures a week and 52 weeks in a year: 104 pictures) However, 104 is just a minimum requirement for meeting my goal. Ideally, I’d like to update this blog daily.

By the end of the year, this site should act as a timeline of “my” 2010. I’d expect photos to range from: items around the house, people in my life, places I’ve been to, or whatever else pops up in 2010.

Anyways, we’ll see how things pan out. I hope you stick around and check back for updates! Comments are welcome!


5 responses

3 01 2010

love it! I’m definitely following. : )

3 01 2010

Nice! Great idea Nick – I am following for sure!

6 01 2010

I love this idea!

28 01 2010

Nick, you lucky dog – starting out with a D300…what lens9s) do you have with it? Glad you liked the Photog. Instruction manual

29 01 2010
CU Nick

Right now I have the 18-55mm VR kit lens as well as the the 55-200mm Nikkor lens. I’ve borrowed a few from my buddy from time to time as well. I’m looking to get the new 35mm f1.8 here shortly.

It’s a D3000, not a 300. Not that lucky!

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